Audi A4 Secrets


Audi A4 B8

As an Audi Certified collision center, Automotive Specialists Inc. works with Audi’s more then any other vehicle. We understand and know so much about the vehicle that we really enjoy to see new versions and specifics about the cars.

If you own or are interested in purchasing an Audi A4 B7/B8 there are ways to customize it for your liking. Some of these you may know of and other you may not, so read below to see what you can do.

1) Key Fob To Open/Close Windows

You can be standing outside of your car with the engine turned off, stick the key in the drivers side door, turn it to the left, hold and see your windows to open or close instantly.  This is even more helpful if you always forget to close your windows before getting out of your A4.

2) Change Temperature Display

On the temperature display you can change between Celsius and Fahrenheit by simply pressing and holding the re-circulation button. From then just hit the temperature up button to alternate between the two.

3) Rear-view Mirror Sun Visor

The rear-view mirror has a built-in flap which allows you to add additional sun blockage.

4) Manual Throttle Body Alignment

Sitting in your car, turn the key to the “on” mode. With the engine on, press the gas pedal to the floor for five seconds. Next, without taking your foot off the gas pedal, turn your key to “off”. You should then wait two minutes and your throttle body alignment will be complete.

5) Release Or Load Multiple CDs:

Holding down the eject CD button allows you to release your CD’s one after another. As well as loading CD’s, simply holding down that button allows you to load one right after the other.


If you own an Audi A4 we hope you learned something from us today! Getting the most out of your car is important. For more information please feel free to reach out to us. We can be contacted over the phone at (617) 364-1722 or at our physical location.

City Driving Tips


City DrivingWhether you are new to Boston or aren’t, driving in the city is a much different experience then driving in the suburbs. There are much more challenges and obstacles that you must pay attention to. Follow these city driving tips to stay safe!

Familiarize Yourself With Area: The less that you’ll need to look at your GPS, the better you’ll be. Keeping your eyes on the road is even more important in the city because of quick stops and walking pedestrians everywhere.

One Way Streets: If you come from outside the city to in the city, the biggest thing you may notice is one way streets. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. Just make sure that you are reading all the street signs when you take turns.

Bikers: If city driving wasn’t crazy enough, bikers can flood the streets and make it that much more difficult. Especially during nice weather, keep an extra eye out for them.

Parallel Parking: Brushing up on your parallel parking can be extremely important when driving in the city. So much of the street parking requires a degree of parallel parking. Your life will be much easier if you perfect this.

Carry Change: Toll booths and parking meters are scattered throughout the city. Having a good set of change set aside will ensure that you’re never stuck in a tricky situation.

The city is hectic. You have other drivers, people walking, people running, bikers, buses, and trains to pay attention to. As long as you are aware of everything and keep an eye out for possible dangers you will be in a much safer situation.

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