Audi RS-7 Front-End Repair Job

Audi Repair Job

Another Audi Repair Job

Automotive Specialties Inc had the opportunity to work on a rare and exotic Audi this month. While it was unfortunate to see a car of this stature come in for repair work, it was a thrill to be able to work on a car this rare, unique, and powerful.

The car we are talking about? It’s an Audi RS-7. One of the fast production cars available on today’s market. These exotic sports cars start at $110,000 and go 0-60 MPH in less than 4 seconds! How is that possible? Well the Audi- RS 7 has a motor that carries anywhere from 560-650 horse power depending package your choose.

Take a look at the before and after pictures from this job:

Audi front end repair Audi Bumper Replacement Audi Front End Damage Audi Front End Repair


Automotive Specialties Inc Repair Center

Located in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, Automotive Specialties Inc is an Audi certified collision center. Along with meeting other requirements, this means that our we have a staff of Audi Certified Technicians. They are trained specifically to perform repair and service work on Audi vehicles.

Please contact us today if you have an Audi that needs body work performed by expert, certified, Audi technicians.

Mercedes-Benz To Release 10 Different Electric Vehicles by 2022


Mercedes-Benz has introduced plans to develop 10 different electric car models by 2022, three years earlier than initial announcements indicated. This will place Mercedes-Benz in competition with Tesla, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Jaguar and other car companies that have plans to release more electric cars over the next decade. Bloomberg reports that this increase is in response to an effort to meet European regulations on carbon-dioxide emissions. According to Mercedes-Benz parent company chairman Manfred Bishoff, Mercedes-Benz wants to be a leader in transforming the automotive industry to cars that run on electric motors as the industry embraces the direction of energy-efficient electric vehicles and self-driving cars. The electric vehicle line will be named EQ, as a reference to electric intelligence.

Mercedes-Benz is reportedly investing 10 billion Euros (approximately 15 billion US dollars) to hasten the process of meeting the target launch date. Besides the goals to meet European regulations on carbon emissions, this hastened development timeline may also be in response to the progress of other manufacturers in pursuing electric vehicles. Mercedes-Benz is releasing new luxury electric car models like a GLC-sized crossover line, but Mercedes-Benz is also planning to diversify its offerings, including an electric heavy-duty truck having a 124-mile range.

Other companies that are planning releases in the next five years include Porsche, who is planning 2019 to launch its Mission E concept, whereas BMW is targeting 2021 to release its i-branded vehicle and other electric models like the Mini Hardtop and the next generation X3. Audi in turn has three electric vehicle models planned by 2020, including a crossover and a sedan.

So who knows, maybe the next luxury German vehicle you own may be a powered by a battery? The future may be here sooner than you think. For now and in the future, the certified technicians at Automotive Specialties can help you with any collision repair services to your luxury German vehicle. Our certifications and our state-of-the-art tools and aluminum cleanroom technology make us the best collision repair service center in all of Boston — call us at 617-364-1722.

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