Summer Automotive Maintenance Tips


Extreme heat in summer takes its toll on everything, including your car. Here are some tips and general information to help protect and extend your car’s health.

  • Tire Pressure: Check your car’s tires’ pressure at least once a month; they lose between 1-2 psi for every 10 degrees of change in temperature. Make sure you check your vehicle’s sticker for the optimal psi: over-inflated, under-inflated or worn down tire can be very dangerous to your car and your safety.
  • Stored Cars: Check your fluids, especially if your car spent the winter months stored in a garage or wasn’t frequently used. Leaks are common in the winter, so make sure you look at your coolant, transmission, differential, power steering and brake fluid.
  • Battery Cleaning: While winter’s cold air is known for killing car batteries, it is the heat of summer that truly takes its toll on batteries. Ensure it has a long-lasting life by keeping it clean.
  • Air Conditioning: If your A/C can’t maintain temperature 10 degrees cooler then the outside air, something is wrong. Take it into a professional autobody shop right away.

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