How Living on the Coast Affects Your Car


Living near the ocean can offer a lot of perks. You get the cool ocean breeze, the calming sound of the waves and beautiful views of the sparkling sea. But, while life along the coast may seem ideal, it may not be easy on your car. In fact, certain environmental factors present in coastal locations may cause or accelerate vehicle corrosion and damage.

car driving next to oceanOcean Air and Paint Damage

The coastal environment can affect a vehicle’s paint. The combination of the sun and salt air near a coast can destroy a car’s finish. That’s because the hot sun increases the pores in the paint, which results in greater absorption of salty moisture — and ultimately, more corrosion.

Humidity, Dew and Corrosion

Other parts of the vehicle, including brake calipers, nuts and bolts, can corrode as well. Salty humidity and dew are among the largest factors in progressing corrosion, particularly during certain times of the year.

The longer cars have been exposed to the ocean, the more damage you will notice.

And if the body of the car is extremely corroded it is sometimes cheaper to replace the car rather than try to fix and repaint it.

Preventing Ocean-Related Car Damage

If you are moving to a coastal location or have recently purchased a new car that you want to protect from the coastal elements, there are steps you can take to help slow salt damage to cars. If you are just a few blocks from the beach we suggest the following practices to help you prevent ocean-related damage to cars:

  • Park in a garage or use a vehicle cover, particularly in winter.
  • Wash and wax the paint regularly.
  • Don’t drive on sand or into ocean water. If you do, rinse the underside of the car with a hose after it has cooled off.

Living near the ocean may have negative effects on your car, but if you understand why the damage happens and take the appropriate steps to help limit or prevent it, you can enjoy coastal living with minimal corrosion to your vehicle.

Safety Essentials to Keep in Your Car  


audi car

Summer’s here and everyone’s hitting the road to travel. The last thing you want on your trip is to break down on the side of the road and be left stranded. Keep these safety essentials in your car this summer to avoid any mishaps on the side of the road.

  1. Spare Tire – A flat tire can ruin anyone’s day. Most cars come with a spare donut that can be driven on for only 70 miles, just enough to hopefully get you to a repair shop. Be sure that your car is always equipped with a fully inflated donut or spare tire.
  2. Portable Car Battery Charger – A dead car battery can quickly turn any trip into a disaster if you don’t have jumper cables and another vehicle. Portable battery chargers are a great alternative – most are small and inexpensive.
  3. Warning Devices – Whether you use road flares or bright orange traffic cones, make sure you can alert oncoming drivers about your stopped vehicle.
  4. First Aid Kit – Always be prepared. Make sure that this kit includes the essentials, like bandages, gauze, and sunscreen.
  5. Portable Phone Charger – Many of us rely on our cell phones to be a GPS or to call for help. Keep a portable battery in your car in case your car isn’t able to charge your phone.
  6. Water – In the summer, temperatures in a car can hit record limits. These hot temperatures can increase your risk of dehydration. Be sure to stay hydrated, even if the water is a bit warm.


Summer Automotive Maintenance Tips


Extreme heat in summer takes its toll on everything, including your car. Here are some tips and general information to help protect and extend your car’s health.

  • Tire Pressure: Check your car’s tires’ pressure at least once a month; they lose between 1-2 psi for every 10 degrees of change in temperature. Make sure you check your vehicle’s sticker for the optimal psi: over-inflated, under-inflated or worn down tire can be very dangerous to your car and your safety.
  • Stored Cars: Check your fluids, especially if your car spent the winter months stored in a garage or wasn’t frequently used. Leaks are common in the winter, so make sure you look at your coolant, transmission, differential, power steering and brake fluid.
  • Battery Cleaning: While winter’s cold air is known for killing car batteries, it is the heat of summer that truly takes its toll on batteries. Ensure it has a long-lasting life by keeping it clean.
  • Air Conditioning: If your A/C can’t maintain temperature 10 degrees cooler then the outside air, something is wrong. Take it into a professional autobody shop right away.

For further summer maintenance information and tips, please feel free to give us a call at (617) 364-1722 or fill out a contact form.

Importance of Using a Trusted Collision Center


A motor vehicle is one of the biggest purchases of many people’s lives.

From saving up the thousands of dollars to choosing just the right shade of color, our cars help define who we are.

You take care of it: you buy it gasoline, you make sure it has enough oil, and you wash it every weekend until it shines.

So it is no surprise how difficult it is to recover from an accident, especially emotionally.

Any crash or collision, big or small, can cause trauma to both the vehicle itself and to your peace of mind. We understand how traumatized and worried you may be, and we are here to help. Your car will only get the highest-quality collision repair. We provide a full detail, as well as a light and fluids check.

Automotive Specialties Inc. offers rental car coordination – free pickup and delivery of your repaired vehicle.

This is the importance of using a trusted car collision repair center: total peace of mind.

Give us a call at (617) 364-1722 or visit us at:
12 Providence Street, Hyde Park, MA


5 Fun Facts about Audi


5 Fun Facts about Audi

1. Apprenticeship – August Horch, the founder ofAudi, worked under Karl Benz, founder of Mercedes-Benz for 3 years before starting his own venture.

2. A. Horch & Cie. – August founded a car manufacturing company called A. Horch and Cie. in 1899. While successful, Horch has differences with investors and decided to start a new company, Audi.

3. Decades of Crash Tests – Audi has been conducting scientific crash tests for over 75 years. The first test had engineers rolling a subcompact F7 down a hill, causing a controlled rollover.

4. Latin for “Hear” – Since August was prohibited from using “Horch” as a trade name in his new car business, he settles for its Latin translation: “Horch!” in German meaning “hear!” became “Audi,” the singular imperative form of “to listen” in Latin.

5) Audi Lunar Quattro – Google’s Lunar XPRIZE competition invites scientists to build a Lunar Rover that can run on the surface of the moon for 500 meters, while broadcasting high-definition live feed. Audi has partnered with a team of scientists in Germany to build a Lunar over powered by Quattro named ‘Audi Lunar Quattro.’

Automotive Specialties Inc brings on Cermaic Pro Products


At Automotive Specialties in Hyde Park, Massachusetts we are committed to only using the best parts, products, and practices when it comes to the repair or maintenance of your vehicle. Whether it be an Audi, BMW, Range Rover, Jauguar, or any other luxury vehicle, we take every step possible to ensure the best possible care.

That’s why we are excited to partner with Ceramic Pro Products. These products are the industry leader in the ceramic coating world. If you are serious about protecting your vehicles paint, this is the nano-ceramic coating you are looking for. These products have been tirelessly tested by independent 3rd party companies to determine the reliability and effectiveness of their products. Time and time again they out performed their competition.

So what makes Ceramic Pro different from regular ceramic coatings? Ceramic Pro is a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano-ceramic coating. When cured, using its breakthrough technology the coating will transform itself on the surface to a permanent, durable, glass shield. Ceramic Pro has been described as an additional clear coat, but with 3 times the hardness with self cleaning properties.

Looking to protect your vehicles coating for all seasons of New England weather? Get in touch today to see what Ceramic Pro can do for you.

Below is a video from Ceramic Pro explaining ow their state-of-the-art product works:


To learn some more about Ceramic Pro Products, click here.

Common Repairs for Audi’s



Audi’s are great vehicles. They are high performance, a blast to drive, and many peoples prized possessions. But like most high end European vehicle’s they do run into maintenance issues, that can sometimes be difficult to repair. At Automotive Specialties Inc. in Hyde Park we are an Audi Certified Collision Center. As one of the few in Massachusetts, we get to work on a wide range of Audi’s. Here are a few of the common repair issues we see with Audi’s.


Electrical Components: In prior blog posts, we’ve gone over you shouldn’t trust an amateur with your Audi repairs. When it comes to electrical components of Audi’s, it couldn’t be more true. Common electrical components that go wrong in Audi’s include digital displays, erratic lights, and failed headlights.


Ignition Coil or Spark Plug: One of the most common reasons for engine misfires in Audi’s? That would b e the Ignition Coil or Spark Plug malfunctioning. The solution? Replacement of the components with OE equipment.


Oil Leaks: Oil leaks in an Audi can come from two places mostly. The camshaft tensioner or the valve cover gasket. The solution is two replace one or both, each will typically cost a few hundred dollars in parts.


Catalytic Converters:  Catalytic Converters fail primarily due to clogging or carbon build up which solidifies and jams the exhaust flow. If your catalytic converters fail, its important your Audi mechanic gets to the bottom of what actually caused it, and fixes that too. If they just replace the converter, it is bound to happen again.


If you have run into any of these issues with your Audi, bring it in to Automotive Specialties Inc in Hyde Park. You can trust our team of Audi repair specialists to get the job right the first time. Contact us today to learn more.

Why you Shouldn’t “DIY” Your Auto Repair



Everyone at one point or another will encounter some minor vehicle damage. Maybe you get a scratch from parking too close to the carts at the grocery store. Or a minor fender bender happens in traffic. Sooner or later you’ll hear an amateur auto enthusiast offer to repair your vehicle for you for a discounted rate. Here’s why you should reconsider if you care about the lifetime value of your car or SUV.

Hidden Electrical Components

Many vehicles have hidden electrical components that are difficult to identify without being trained. This is especially true for European vehicles.  Minor impact from collisions can jar loose hidden electrical wiring connections. This can affect the lights on your vehicle, windows, seats, stereo, and a whole bevy of other operations.

Matching Autobody Paint

Matching your vehicles original paint is a pain even for those trained in the art of auto painting. Even if you have a friend or family member who can repair your vehicle, getting the paint to match the original and having it properly applied is something that is difficult to master. There are some people whose only job is the painting of vehicles after collision repair. You don’t want to leave this to a novice.

Frame & Alignment Issues

Another issue that happens when you have a collision, either minor or major, is your frame alignment. After a collision you may be focusing on the physical & cosmetic damage to your car. You might not think about alignment issues. The vehicle could be misaligned, pulling to the right or left depending on where you were hit. You’ll want a trained staff with new technology to diagnose this problem and address it correctly.

Contact Automotive Specialists Inc in Hyde Park

At Automotive Specialties Inc we are experts in luxury auto repair. We have a certified Audi aluminum repair shop as well as a Audi Certified Collison Shop. Our staff regularly attends industry workshops and stays up to date on the newest models of Audi vehicles. Contact us today to get your vehicle back to the pre-collision look and feel.

Audi Winter Maintenance Tips



The last two weeks have brought freezing cold temperatures and over a foot of snow in Massachusetts. With that, your Audi may face challenges in this type of climate.

Clean Your Car- This is an often overlooked practice that vehicle owners neglect in the winter. During the cold months you cars clear coat becomes covered in dirt, slush, and salt from snow removal. This salt is a major factor in causing rust on your car. A good car wash will clean off the salt and slush, as well as remove dirt and grime from your wheel wells and under carriage. While you are at it, clean your floor mats too. These can also get ruined from snow and salt.

Tire Pressure- Hopefully during the winter you are employing either all-purpose or snow tires for your Audi. If not, the least you can do is watch your tire pressure. With cold temperatures, the pressure in your tires are bound to drop. When tire pressure drops your ability to control your vehicle also diminishes. Combine this with bad driving conditions, you Audi could end up in our shop to repair collision damage.

Battery- When is the last time your Audi got a new battery? As time goes on, your vehicles batteries loses strength. The colder it gets, the harder your battery has to work to start. Combine consistent cold air with an old battery, and you may have a vehicle that doesn’t start.

Headlights- Audi’s have a distinct look of their headlights. Their style is part of the German engineering charm. However, with time the headlights begin to “fog up”. During the winter, daylight time is shortened drastically and having limited vision is a safety hazard. Consider “restoring” your headlights every few years.

If you are considers about your Audi’s readiness for this winter that has only just begun, contact Automotive Specialties Inc in Hyde Park today!

Our Favorite Reviews From 2017


As 2017 comes to a close we’d like to share some of our favorite reviews from our clients at Automotive Specialties Inc.  As a family owned business for decades in Hyde Park, we rely on word of mouth from our great customers. Referrals keep our business running and hearing and sharing theses words from our much appreciated clients means the world to us. So as we head into 2018, we take a moment to share a few reviews we are most proud of.


From Andrius B- 

These guys do it all…collision, touch up, detailing, you name it! Their character, timeliness, & professionalism is second to none – making the customer experience all the better. On top of that, they’re fun folks to work with, look them up!! Trust them with ANYTHING!

From Emma M- 

Impeccable service and quality work. Originally was skeptical about going somewhere other than the dealer with my 2014 audi s8 but every single one of my friends had work done here that had come out better than my previous jobs done on my other car before i totaled it. After giving them a try I wouldn’t ever go back to the dealer…. Huge thank you to Anthony and his team!!!!

From Carlos H-

If you are a car enthusiast or just someone who cares about things done correctly, this place will not disappoint. The team at ASI are all highly skilled with years of experience under their belt. Wether you drive a high end vehicles or not, these guys do it the best. Outstanding facility, I highly recommend to anyone who is looking to do work or repairs on their cars.

From Jessica K-

can’t say enough about Automotive Specialties. I crashed my 2015 Mercedes and did a pretty good amount of damage. My car was towed to a shop that said they couldn’t look at it for a couple days. I heard through word of mouth that Automotive Specialties does a great job so I called and they took my car right away. They called me right when they received my car and processed all the paperwork immediately. I got status updates regularly via phone/e-mail by Anthony and his team, at other shops in the past I was the one calling to check in. It took a lot of stress out of the whole process due to how well they took care of me. They made me feel like I was their number one priority. I got my car back and I swear it drives better than when I brought it there and looks beautiful. Highly Recommend. Thank you!!

 From Jeff J-
A few weeks ago, a valet rear-ended my 2015 Durango. I asked my friends that work in the automotive industries for shop recommendations. After hearing top of the line reviews about Automotive Specialities, I decided to move forward with them. I can’t say enough great things about their team, professionalism, level of service and speed of repair. From beginning to end, they are exceptional to work with. With that being said, I hope that I won’t need their services again, but if I do, I’ll be back in a heartbeat.
These were just a few of our favorites from 2017. As we look forward to 2018 we will strive to continue to provide exceptional customer service and attention to detail that garner these type of testimonials. Thank you to all of our customer and have a happy new year!



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